Sunday, February 9, 2014

Merino, Cotswold and Sari Silk

 Above is white Australian Ultra Fine Merino blended with plum Sari Silk from Camaj Fiber Arts.
At right is Silver Cotswold Wool from Nistock Farms

Cotswold Wool laying on combed Australian Ultra Fine Merino wool on combed and some locks ready for combing.
Pelt is Cotswold Wool from Nistock Farms

Big Yarn Throw from The Loopy Mango

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

100% Merino 2-ply

Finished product. . .hat for my mom!

Urchin by Ysolda Teague

 This is handspun yarn spun by Me on my LadyBug Spinning Wheel.  I used Ysolda Teague's pattern called Urchin to show off the slabs of the yarn.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Loopy Mango Big Loop Throw - 100% Merino Wool

 Casting on big yarn onto US 50 circular needles
 Not bad for a cast-on of 24 stitches
 First few rows of 2x2 ribbing
 Finished throw
Another view of the finished throw

100% Merino Wool purchased online from The Loopy Mango.

Friday, October 4, 2013

My Schacht LadyBug Spinning Wheel

Handspun Yarns




Two Ply Yarn. . .

Two Ply Yarn placed on niddy-noddy. . .

Two Ply Yarn soaking in warm water to set the twist. . .allowed to dry before placing onto the swift for winding into a ball or cake.

On the Swift for winding . . .

Cake of yarn ready to be used to knit into something to wear. . .

Textured Cowl. . .

Finished product: neck cowl. Stitches / Yarn are thick and thin and inconsistent. This is for me as it is the first product made on my Schacht Lady Bug Spinning Wheel and knitted by me. I chose a stockinet stitch to show the textured fabric of the fibers. I believe this was a Corriedale Pencil RovingI have purchased last year. The color is almost the color of "Egg Nog", just in time for the Holidays!